WELMO applications updates

Actual screens displaying HCP’s patient list, patient’s details and recorded sessions

Αctual screens displaying HCP’s patient list (Figure 1), patient’s details(Figure 2) and recorded sessions (Figure 3). Additionally, we have implemented several screens that display raw date recorded by the vest (Figure 4 show the screen where the HCP can hear lung sounds recorder from each sensor of the vest), as well as the reconstructed EIT with annotations (Figure 5).

Figure 1: Patient’s list
Figure 2: Patient details screen
Figure 3: Patient’s recorded sessions
Figure 4: Lung sounds raw data
Figure 5: Reconstructed EIT

Next Steps

Continue the integration with WELMO Backend while data from Lab tests are becoming available. Additionally, implement the Report that is sent to Patient App with all the required information and an HCP’s note. Finally, provide the HCP with the manual EIT annotation functionality.