WELMO project is divided in 7 Work Packages (WPs).
A brief description and their dependencies are presented below.

Wp1 Project & Innovation Management

This WP will guarantee successful administration and control, risk management, problem handling and quality assurance on management levels. This WP ensures that the project runs in budget and on time and the expected results are achieved.

WP2 User & System Requirements & System Design

The goal is to provide a set of comprehensive as well as widely accepted user requirements that will guide the design of the WELMO solutions. This will be achieved via an inventory of diverse use cases and an in-depth analysis of the corresponding scenarios considered in the pilot studies. These outcomes will be translated into system requirements and functional and non-functional specifications. The overall architecture of the WELMO solution will be developed, defining the interconnections among various sub-systems and identifying the necessary data-flows and interfaces to be developed. In addition, a thorough integration plan will be elaborated to facilitate the timely and efficient integration activities within WP6

WP3 Development of WELMO Electronics & Sensors

WP3 deals with the design and manufacturing of prototypes of the WELMO sensors. This includes the development of the sensor hardware (ASICs, electronic circuits and housings), the programming of the sensors, the prototyping and integration of all sensor components and the verification of the prototype sensor system.

WP4 WELMO Textile & Cabling

WP4 is devoted to the design and manufacturing of the WELMO vests. The activities will start with the design of both conductive cabling and vest, will continue with the realization of the first prototypes, and will conclude with their testing and validation. An iterative approach will be followed, since after this stage a second round of design and development will follow before ending the WP activities by delivering 30 WELMO vests ready to support the project’s pilot activities.

WP5 Development of Algorithms & Applications

In WP5 the main data processing unit of WELMO system will be developed. This includes the design and implementation of novel algorithms for lung sound analysis and EIT reconstruction and feature extraction, the backend system for sensor data management, the data communication module for the interconnection with the WELMO sensors, as well as the WELMO data visualization modules for user-friendly access to the system data analysis.

WP6 System Intergration & Pilots Execution

This WP includes the activities needed for the demonstration and validation of the developed technologies, including the integration of the WELMO components towards the creation of an integrated wearable system for effective lung monitoring.
Testing and validation of the platform will be a key element to prove WELMO system effectiveness in the two pilots that are scheduled, performed for a six month period each, allowing as such valuable feedback to be collected from real measurements in groups of healthy and pulmonary patients respectively.

Wp7 Raising Awareness, Exploitation roadmap & Standardization

The goal of WP7 is to make the project visible to a wide audience, disseminate the results to relevant groups and contribute to the scientific research and standardization in the field of personalized healthcare services. Therefore, WP7 will disseminate the WELMO concept, developments and findings to all key actors in the field, scientific fora and standardization bodies, and integrate their feedback to the specification, design, development and evaluation work. On top of that, exploitation plans for key project results will be derived while IPR management will be performed. Finally, WELMO’s business plan and delivery model will be elaborate