WELMO Initial Recordings

A team of Medical Doctors from AUTH and CAU and electrical engineers from Coimbra performed a set of biosignal recordings regarding lung auscultation and Electrical Impedance Tomography (EIT) at respiratory patients in a large hospital in Thessaloniki, Greece last month. The recordings were conducted using standard existing equipment from the above institutions and regarded patients similar to those that are going to participate in the clinical trials during the WELMO project. The obtained biosignals will help the researchers refine the algorithms for automatic detection of pathological respiratory conditions based on the aforementioned signals. It was one of the important steps towards the software development of the WELMO system. During this project a compact vest with integrated sensors, capable of recording lung sounds and EIT signals, will be developed.

The digitized signals were obtained from patients with a wide variety of respiratory symptoms, who were hospitalized in a pulmonology department. The same recordings are expected to be repeated in November.