Wearable Electronics for Effective Lung Monitoring

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Expected Impact

The expected impact of the WELMO project is briefed along the following points

New opportunities

for business development by producing novel sustainable, cheap, wearable, electronic solutions in the field of healthcare as well as in other relative fields in need of continuous monitoring of vital signals (e.g. sports etc)

Strengthened scientific

knowledge in the field of EIT technology beyond traditional perspectives

Increased inference

of data through simultaneous acquisition of multiple bio-signals (EIT and sound signals)


medical knowledge and improved management of chronic respiratory conditions

Empowering Individuals

 to better manage their own condition

Increased level

of education and acceptance by patients and care givers of ICT solutions for personalized care

Reduce rates

of exacerbation and hospitalization days and increase effective professional assistance; Continuous monitoring and early intervention is the key to effective management of respiratory diseases

Avoidance of patients’ re-admissions

directly reducing the annual cost of therapy related to respiratory chronic diseases

Strengthened European industrial position

in ICT for health products and medical devices